Critical Role Soundtrack Album Released

Critical Role Welcome to Tal'Dorei soundtrack album cover
Album cover art by artist Kent Davis

Attention, all gamers! We are thrilled to announce that a Critical Role soundtrack album entitled Welcome to Tal’Dorei was just released on Tuesday. Supe Troop’s Laura Katz worked with the creators at Critical Role, a long-running tabletop roleplaying game web series, and talented composers Omar Fadel and the team at Hexany Audio to create original music for the Critical Role world! In addition to hearing their new music while watching the shows on YouTube, Twitch, or elsewhere, you can now listen to the music in the Critical Role soundtrack album for your own enjoyment whether you’re working, playing, or relaxing! The album also includes original music by Colm McGuinness.  Happy gaming!

You can check out some of Supe Troop’s past video game work with Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)!