The Librarians – Episode 410 – “Gimme That Boom”

Megatrax - "Gimme That Boom"

During their quest to return Jenkins to the library, Jenkins (John Larroquette) and his rag-tag team of Librarian stand-ins (Britney Young, Rhyan Schwartz, & Joseph Bertót) must dance across glowing tiles to get through a dangerous corridor. We knew we had to find a fun, dance-worthy track for this moment of courage, friendship, and vulnerability. “Gimme That Boom” fit all of our needs!

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Production Details

  • Title: The Librarians – Episode 410 – “Gimme That Boom”
  • Studio: Electric Entertainment
  • Network: TNT
  • Starring: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim, & John Larroquette
  • Composer: Joseph LoDuca
  • Year: 2018