Soundtrack Album Release Round Up!

Even in this strange year of suspended film releases, we’ve been lucky enough to have a few awesome soundtrack albums released!

First up, a sweet, heartbreaking, yearning, magical score by Todd Bryanton and Nik Freitas, plus original song “Wish” by Lily Kershaw and Nik Freitas on the Endless Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Varése Sarabande. You can also hear “Wish” in the trailer here!

Next, we’ve got the heart-pounding The Doorman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, score by Aldo Shllaku, from Lakeshore Records. The film is now available for purchase here!

And lastly for this round up: Greenland Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (from Varése Sarabande)! Maybe this apocalyptic film hits a bit too close to home in 2020, but art is meant to reflect life sometimes, right? Right? Regardless, you won’t regret listening to this gripping score by David Buckley. If you’re not in the US, you may have already seen this in theaters. If you are in the US, you will be able to stream the gritty thriller on HBO and HBO Max in 2021! In the meantime, watch the trailer here.

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