It’s baseball (music) season!

Record interior label for "The Ballad of Maury Wills" performed by Maury Wills, a favorite example of music made by baseball players.

I had the idea of making a playlist of music made by baseball players because I love “The Ballad of Maury Wills” by Maury Wills & the Maury Wills Folksingers. If you didn’t know, Wills is a Very Important Los Angeles Dodger. Sadly, the song (nor any of his music) is not available on Spotify. So, please make sure to check out the video following the playlist and learn about the conflict in a player’s heart when he has to decide between following the commandment to not steal and the imperative to steal bases! But, first, here is around a half hour of music made by other baseball players!

Even though it’s been feeling like summer over here already, if you want some springtime music, check out this playlist from last year.