MultiNATIONAL playlist

I love 2 things: random facts and The National. Check out my multiNATIONAL playlist! – LW

1. The National – “England”

2. National anthem – Japan – “Kimigayo”
Translation: His Imperial Majesty’s Reign
The lyrics to this anthem are based on poem from the 800s! It is one of the oldest among all of the world’s national anthems.

3. The National – “Humiliation”

4. National anthem – Israel – “Hatikvah”
Translation: The hope
The lyrics were written by a Jewish poet in Austrian Poland (today part of the Ukraine). The melody is from Giuseppe Cenci’s “La Mantovana,” a 16th century Italian song. How worldly!

5. The National – “About Today”

6. National anthem – South Africa – “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika”
Translation: God bless Africa
This anthem incorporates the 5 most popular of South Africa’s 11 officially-recognized languages – Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans, and English.

7. The National – “This is the Last Time”

8. National anthem – Mexico – “Mexicanos, al grito de guerra”
Translation: Mexicans, at the cry of war
The composer of this national anthem was locked in a room by his girlfriend until he came up with it! Franscisco Gonz├ílez Bocanegra wrote it in order to win Mexico’s national anthem writing contest. He slipped the poem under the door and she released him….

9. The National – “I Need My Girl”

10. National anthem – Netherlands – “Wilhelmus van Nassouwe”
Translation: The William
This national anthem is an acrostic for Willem Van Nassov. He was a major revolutionary hero during the Dutch Revolt. The first letter of each verse spells out his full name.