Interview with composer Alex Belcher of All Fun & Games

Supe Troop’s Laura Katz interviews All Fun & Games composer Alex Belcher about film scoring, the film they both worked on, and soup!

Alex Belcher, composer of All Fun and Games

Supe Troop (ST): How did you get into film scoring?

Alex Belcher (AB): I worked as a child actor at a local theatre in Kentucky. And, while I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do, I loved the storytelling aspect of theatre, so, when I started studying music, I quickly realized film scoring was the perfect way to do both.

ST: What was your favorite scene to score in All Fun & Games?

AB: My favorite cue was “The Diary of Joanna Goode.” I had a lot of fun writing that little piano piece, which went on to work over the beginning and end of the film, as well. 

ST: When scenes give you trouble, what are some of the things you do to make them work?

AB: Usually a tricky scene will require setting it aside for a bit. Most of the time, if I move onto other scenes, I’ll make a discovery that I can use in the tricky one. 

ST: What is an example of where you think another composer nailed a project or particular scene?

AB: My dear dear friend (and groomsman at my wedding) Dominic Lewis’s score for Bullet Train is genius!

ST: What non-score music are you listening to right now?

AB: A lot of James McMurtry and Jason Isbell. 

ST: How do you start on the score for a new project?

AB: It all starts with a big idea.  From there it goes to noodling at piano for tune and harmony. Then to production to execute the big idea.

ST: What would be your dream project to score?

AB: I think a big budget noir-type action/thriller.  Sadly, not a lot of those are made.

ST: What projects do you have coming up that you are excited about? 

AB: I’ve just finished Cidatel and Extraction 2. Both Russo Bro productions that I’m very proud of!

ST: What is your favorite kind of soup?

AB: I make and love a good tomato bisque.

Thanks, Alex! You can watch All Fun and Games in theaters and on VOD on September 1.

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